“I need a break!” This is something every child complains about whenever they are told to study. Often it is the parents who do not understand the importance of a break for their child. They are of the mindset that continuous studying will help their child score better by admitting them one of the top schools in Ajman. Little do they realize it is pretty much the opposite of what they assume. Therefore, it is important to know the reason behind why students need to balance and playtime.

Curb Screen Duration

Keeping an eye on your child ‘s digital consumption is essential. Begin by giving your child’ screen allowance, and ensure they use the devices only for the limited amount of time allowed to them. Once that is done, your child will have refreshed his or her mind, and would be ready to focus on academics, thereby resulting in good scores at his or her english private school. The screen time limit serves as a good method for balanced study and playtime.

Short & Adequate Study Time

Research says the ability of a student to retain information reduces after 25 – 30 minutes. Therefore, for successful and more effective results, it is advised to divide the study sessions into smaller, multiple sessions. This will help your child to be recharged and help in retaining whatever has been taught in school. By DIVIDING your child’ s study sessions Into Products smaller sessions, your child will of the BE motivated by to work Harder and learn more.

Take Care of Child’s Vitality Level

If for any particular reason your child returns home tired and exhausted, ensure he or she gets ample rest first. Next, he or she is allowed to play around for a while and get re-energized and finally focus on study time. Putting too much pressure on your child can leave him or her unmotivated and ultimately not willing to study. This in turn will result in low productivity.

Unstructured Playtime & Structured Studies

Every child is different. Some need more structure than others, and inconsistent supervision from parents can be a matter of concern. But when it comes to playtime, your child does need it in an unstructured manner. This will allow them to relax, dream and considerably reduce the pressure.

Usage of Colors in Study Time

Combining playtime with studies can be an interesting, unique and fun experience for your child. Using colorful tools and objects while studying can help them in memorizing complex subjects and motivate them to gain more interest in studies.