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Examinations and Assessments

Regular assessments are implemented to understand and improve student learning. External examinations are held to gain nationally and internationally recognized qualifications and to provide a benchmark for student achievement.

READ is committed to the UAE Vision 2021 and supports all aspects of the vision through City School in Ajman and CUCA.

Assessment and Evaluation in Kindergarten

Assessment of a child’s learning is key to his/er individual development. Assessments are ongoing in this phase with a few planned assessments to track the progress of the students. Teachers record their observation in the individual progress record maintained for each child. The progress is tracked based on the early learning goals that are to be achieved by the end of KG2. Teachers observe, monitor and document the progress of each student on an on-going basis and communicate the same to parents regularly, in addition to the end-of-term report, which is given out twice a year. A record of the child’s performance is maintained.

Assessment & Evaluation At Primary And Middle Levels


The process of assessment starts with the Base-Line Test (BLT), which is held at the beginning of the academic year, and is used to set the targets for each subject. This test is based on the skills required in the current grade.

The process of assessment starts with the Base-Line Test (BLT), which is held at the beginning of the academic year, and is used to set the targets for each subject. This test is based on the skills required in the current grade.

  • Assessment for Learning (AFL) which occurs while the concept/lesson is in progress.
  • AFL also occurs at definite stages based on agreed criteria as per the requirement for student learning, which is judged by the teacher.
  • AFL is an integral part of classroom interactions and is done through self or peer assessment, oral/written quiz, multiple choice questions, group activities, classroom interactions, class work, homework, class participation, worksheets, group / individual projects and other assessments done in class that give regular feedback to students for the next steps towards improvement and involve them in their own learning.

Summative Assessments or Assessment of Learning (AOL) are conducted at the end of each academic term. These are governed by a formal design of question paper that focuses on specific Chapters/Units/Concepts. The types of questions used for this can be Multiple Choice, Very Short Answer Questions, Short Answer Questions, and Long Answer Questions which test Knowledge, Understanding, Application, Communication and Thinking Skills. Assessment evidence obtained through these summative assessments is also used to gauge student’s learning. Results of formative tests are shared with students on an ongoing basis while term end results containing both formative and summative assessments is shared by way of formal report cards during the Open House at the end of Term I and Term II.

Self-assessment: Besides the Formative and Summative assessments, we also encourage our students to self-assess their learning. It encourages pupils to take responsibility for their own learning. In addition to the above mentioned assessments, the students also undergo external standardized examinations.

Assessment and Examination at Senior Secondary School Level

The assessment for learning in Senior Secondary school is based on CBSE pattern, which is completely Summative.

Unit Tests – For grade 11 and 12 the academic year is divided into two terms. Each term has two unit tests. These tests are based on topics or concepts taught during the term, to assessthe progress of students at regular intervals. This contributes 20% of the total marks of the assessments.

Term Examination There is a three hours’ examination based on larger concepts and relatively wider content. Grade 11 Question papers are designed by school teachers. Practical examinations are held wherever applicable.

Grade 12 end of year examination is conducted by the CBSE board and pupils are provided wtih a centre other than City School.

The minimum passing marks for each subject is 33% and each student is required to score a minimum of 33% marks separately in theory and practical examinations.