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Primary Curriculum

At the primary level the CITY SCHOOL curriculum focuses on the child’s innate inquisitive nature. We encourage students to question and explore. The curriculum, guided by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi and approved by the Ministry of Education, UAE is designed to cater to all kind of pupils keeping in mind that the needs of each individual are different. Following are the different components of the curriculum.





UAE Social Studies

Computer Science

Hindi / Malayalam / Urdu / French / Bangla

Islamic Studies / Moral Science


Physical Education


Music / Dance

Club Activities


Primary Curriculum

The CITY SCHOOL community believes that all students must have access to learning with equal opportunity irrespective of their class, gender, race, ability, disability, language and cultural, social or economic conditions. At City School decisions taken in the classroom take into perspective the knowledge and culture and value language experiences which the diverse student body brings to the classroom. The school curriculum advocates and celebrates diversity in terms of culture and other differences. It includes all learners to enable them to reach their full potentials. CITY SCHOOL implements creative strategies to encourage and promote an inclusive learning environment. The diversity among students should be addressed through appropriate mechanisms to facilitate learning e.g. need-based teaching methods are implemented. This includes special plans for Gifted and talented students along with students with learning disabilities.